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Иногда мне кажется, что книги Пратчетта могут легко заменить собой большинство учебников по психологии, социологии, экономике, а также философии и криминалистике. Я, конечно, стараюсь бороться с подобными умонастроениями, но Пратчеттом всё равно не могу не восхищаться. Вот, например, про встраивание в организационную иерархию носителей хаоса и беспорядка:
And, of course, there was Dr Hix, a good man to have in a tight spot becase he was (by college statute) an officially bad person, in accordance with UU's happy grasp of the inevitable.

A less mature organization than UU might have taken the view that the way forward would be to hunt such renegades down, at great risk and expense. UU, on the other hand, had given Hix and his team a department and a budget and a career structure, and also the chance to go out into dark caves occasionaly and throw fireballs at unofficial evil wizards; it all worked rather well so long as nobody pointed out that the Department of Post-Mortem Communications was really, when you got right down to it, just a politer form of n*e*c*r*o*m*a*n*c*y, wasn't it?

And so Dr Hix was now tolerated as a useful, if slightly irritating member of the Council largely because he was allowed (by statute) to say some of the naughty things that the other wizards would really have liked to say themselves. Someone with a widow's peak, a skull ring, a sinister staff and a black robe was expected to spread a little evil around the place, although university statute had redefined acceptable evil in this case as being inconveniences on a par with shoelaces tied together or a brief attack of groinal itch. It wasn't the most satisfactory of arrangements, but it was in the best UU tradition: Hix occupied, amaibly, a niche that might otherwise be occupied by someone who really got off the whole mouldering corpses and peeled skulls thing. Admittedly, he was always giving fellow wizards free tickets to the various amateur dramatic productions he was obsessively involved with, but, on balance, they agreed, taking one thing with another, this was still better than peeled skulls.

А ещё мне нравится язык, которым Пратчетт изъясняется. Сначала мне попала в руки одна из его книг в русском переводе, и читать я её не смогла: показалось, что слишком вычурно и нарочито написано, сплошные искусственные завитушки. Повезло, что позже из любопытства открыла оригинал - и теперь этот автор занимает почётное место на книжных полках, а не пылится в папках букридера.